FAMACHA Certification

This Certification Workshop will  NOT be offered this year.  It is offered every other year. We will offer it at the MSA Fall meeting. Date to be announced later.


FAMACHA: Jack Gaskin, DVM and retired UF Professor, will instruct a FAMACHA Certification Class at the Festival on Friday, Classes begin at 9:00 AM. FAMACHA is a necessary tool used to better manage parasite resistant genetics and deworming practices. FAMACHA enables the producer to target deworming to those animals in need, thus saving money, make note of animals to keep in the breeding program who show parasite resistance, and sick animals can be immediately diagnosed with a parasite load using the FAMACHA technique. You will receive a color chart and a certificate of completion.





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  1. Diane Warfield says:

    I am hoping to start a small herd (4-6) this year on 5 acres and want to learn how to care my sheep. I hope I can take this class without owning sheep yet.

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