SHEEP SHEARING FOR THE PUBLIC: Jonathan and Benjamin will remain at the Festival and will provide sheep shearing. Sheep must be dry. Cost is $10 per head. How many are you bringing?   Register Online Here  The shearing registration is at the end of the registration form. 

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  1. Would you have a contact for a person that can shear sheep. I’m between Tampa and Ocala (Zephyhills Fl). I have 10 head to do, and having troubles with my shears. I had the blades done locally (twice now) and they won’t cut.
    My phone is 813 482 3607. I’ll be happy to pay travel expenses and per head cost.
    Thanks so much!


    • The Hearns will be teaching a sheep shearing workshop and shearing sheep at the Festival again this year. Just bring your sheep and they will shear them. $10 per head.

    • Debi,

      You also stated that the shears will not cut. What type of clippers are you using? What do you mean by “won’t cut”. You may not have the blades installed correctly or the person you had sharpening them may not have the correct bevel in the blade.

  2. I’m coming up for the class…will bring clippers (both sets/types) and 10 head of sheep
    Thanks for all the help!!! See you there

  3. I can’t seem to find out how to register for the sheep shearing school workshop? When I click on Registration, it’s not listed. I would like to attend and pay before the deadline. Thanks for your help!

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