Fleece Show and Sale

Fleece Show

Fleece Standards:
Fleeces must be from the current wool crop and represent no more than 15 months growth. Each fleece must be clean, free of chaff, burrs, tags and second cuts. They must be skirted and in a clear plastic bag. The policy of the Festival is to make fleeces available to the spinners, and to provide a market for the producers.

Divisions & Classes:
All fleeces will be judged on suitability for hand spinning.

Division I: Natural Colored Fleeces
Division II: White Fleeces
Class A – Fine: Spinning Count Grade 64s to 80s (17-22 microns)
Class B – Medium: Spinning Count Grad 50s to 62s (22-31 microns)
Class C – Long: Spinning Count Grade 36s to 48s (31-40 microns)
Class D – Double-Coated: (i.e. Icelandic, Karakul, Navajo-Churro, Scottish Blackface, Shetland)
Division III: Breed Class Fleeces
Judging will be based on breed standards as well as suitability for hand spinning.


There is a $5.00 entry fee per fleece.

Check  Event Schedule for Show and Sale dates and times.

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