Breed Standard Sheep


The intent and purpose of the Florida Sheep, Wool, and Herding Dog Festival, sponsored by the Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida, Open Sheep Show is to provide for a means to promote the sheep industry in Florida and the Southeastern United States. Florida has a unique opportunity for a market that is for out-of-season breeding and for natural colored breeds, known as niche markets. The Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida is a forerunner in meeting the needs of the diverse cultural markets of Florida.  The Florida Sheep, Wool and Herding Dog Festival provides marketing opportunities by highlighting the Florida Heritage Breeds of sheep that thrive in Florida’s tropical climate.



  1. Florida Cracker
  2. St. Augustine


  1. Hampshire
  2. Southdown


  1. Katahdin
  2. Dorper
  3. Black Belly Bardados


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  1. Kathy Nawlin says:

    The Zephyrhills FFA chapter is interested in joining the Meat Sheep Alliance and participating the in the April Festival. Please send more information, membership applications and entry information.

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