Sheep-to-Rug Contest

Sheep-to-Rug Fun Demo and Contest – Friday and/or Saturday, April 28-29, 2017

Teams: Each team will consist of 3 spinners, and 1 weaver. (Sheep and Shorn wool will be provided this year)

Warp: Each team will provide its own warped loom. The sett should be no less than 8 epi (1600 to 2000 yrds/lb.). Natural colored or hand-dyed warp may be used.

Weft: Hand carders and wool combs are allowed. The weft yarn may be no thicker than 3 times the diameter of the warp end.

Rug Design: Any weaving pattern may be used: however, the rug must measure a minimum width of 22 inches slayed in the reed. The judges will check this width during the contest. The woven length must be 36” min/48” max. There is to be a finge of 1” min/3” max on each end. The rugs will be measured after removal from the loom, before washing and judging for aesthetic appeal. All edges must be finished by the end of the timed period. Removing knots to re-tie or alter the finish after measuring will not be allowed.

Time: Each team will be timed from the beginning until the rug is off the loom and fringes finished. There will be no pause in timing. The contest is limited to 4 hours.

A: Team work

1. Costume, 5 points

2. Sign, 5 points

3. Spirit in contest situation, 5 points

B: Craftsmanship:

1. Spinners, 20 points (Fleece selection, color cleanliness and count; uniformity of preparation, size and type of yarn produced; ability to keep weaver supplied)

2. Weaver, 20 points (Even edges, minimal draw-in; even beating; no threading or treadling errors)

C: Finished Rug:

1.  Finishing details, 15 points

2. Aesthetic appeal, including drape, hand and appearance, 20 points

D: Time:

1. First Finished, 10 points, second finished, 9 points, etc.

E: Deductions for measurements outside of standards:

1. Length – 5 points

2. Width – 5 points

3. Fringe – 5 points


There is no charge for this fun event.


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