Junior Spinning Contest

Junior Spinning Contest

The Junior Spinning Contest is for anyone under the age of 18 who has attempted the art of spinning.  Spinners will spin for 10 minutes.  Their yarn will then be skeined and entered into one of the classes below.  All skeins in both divisions will be measured for longest skein and judged for best overall skein.

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Division A:  Spinning Wheel

Division B: Drop Spindle

Both Divisions will have the following classes:

Class 1: Most Even Yarn

Class 2: Fattest Yarn

Class 3: Lumpiest Yarn

Class 4: Skinniest Yarn

Class 5: Longest Yarn


Contestants may enter only one division.

Contestants must bring their own spinning wheel or drop spindle.

Carded wool will be provided.


Premiums will be awarded in both Divisions.

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