Rules for Florida Champion Shepherd Competition


  1. Must be age 14-18 yrs. old as of April 28th 2017.
  2. Must be a MSA Junior Member as of January 1, 2017.  If 12 entries not reached by April 1st. then new MSA Junior Members after January 1, 2017 will be allowed.
  3. You must enter by April 1st.
  4. Only 12 contestants allowed. You will receive a phone call letting you know your entry has been received and entered.
  5. Must wear farm clothes as this is a hands on Competition.
  6. Visiting a mentor is encouraged but not required. Approved mentors are Ruth Taber, Williston, Fl. Ph. 352-528-4843, Carol Postley, Ocala, Fl. Phone 352-843-8440. and Janice Cox, Lake City, Fl. Ph. 386-965-0414. Please call for more information.


Thank you for entering the Champion Shepherd competition! Good Luck!

Entries are still open as we have a few spots left! So now accepting New Junior Members!



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